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Dovetail based shoulder support with follow focus, bridgeplate, handles and camera quick release
The SC4:MEDIUM is created for filmmakers who wants a highly advanced run ‘n gun rig with the ability to use accessories like follow focus, mattebox etc. The dovetail system makes the transition from tripod/no rig to shoulder as fast and clean as it can get. It includes our unique belt driven one-rod-mount SC4:FFOCUS that together with the handles unit is designed in a way that makes it possible to hold onto the handles while pulling focus. This is as complete and compact as a run 'n gun can be. It can be assembled for both left- and right-hand use.

The shoulder piece and handles unit can be detached from the rig in seconds, leaving you with a complete tripod top consisting of a 150mm dual dovetail plate, bridgeplate with two 15mm iris rods, quick release plate, camera fixation plate for one screw mount cameras and follow focus.

It suits all DSLRs and camcorders and is also compatible with cages of all kinds. All that limits you is the weight of your setup since you will still carry alot of weight on your arms. SC4:MEDIUM easily upgrades to an SC4:LARGE, giving you a unique backrod support (weightless counter weight system) that takes all weight of your arms.



The SC4:FFOCUS is a one-rod-mount (15mm) reversible follow focus with a unique belt pull system in place of a traditional gear wheel system, making it buttery and precise to pull focus. A timing belt, made durably with cevlar core, loops around a belt wheel on the follow focus and around the focus ring of a lens. At the turn of the focus wheel, the belt pulls focus accurately without any play. It works with any diameter still lens or cinema lens. A major benefit of the belt system is that you don't have to keep the follow focus right next to the camera. On the SC4:FFOCUS the angle is freely adjustable even when tightened.

The SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM is the core of the SC4:MEDIUM and SC4:LARGE. It is a 150mm long and 49,2mm wide (19mm thick)  dual dovetail plate that suits all tripods compatible with the manfrotto 501PL/500PLONG and such. It has safety pins on both ends to reduce the risk of gear sliding off by mistake. Thedovetail plate allows for balance adjustments when shooting on tripod and for positioning of the whole setup when on shoulder.  It also has holes for attaching an optional mounting plate (will be released soon) that allows you to mount other types of tripod plates or to extend with an additional SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM. To assemble the SC4:MEDIUM you simply slide on the SC4:MODULAR BRIDGEPLATE to the top of the SC4:DUAL DT PLATE and to the bottom you slide on the SC4:DT HANDLES UNIT and the SC4:DT CLAMP SINGLE ROD 15MM with SC4:ROD S-SHAPED 15x400MM CC110.

The SC4:MODULAR BRIDGEPLATE is the bridge between the camera and the SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM. It holds two 15mm rods (2pcs 300x15mm rods are included but you can use any length of standard 15mm rods). Rods are easilly adjusted horisontally and tightened by the turn of an adjustable knob.  The rods enables mounting of SC4:FFOCUS (also other dual rod mounted follow focuses), mattebox and other accessories. The distance from center of rod to camera base is 29,6mm and centre to centre of rods is industry standard 60mm. The top and bottom of the SC4: MODULAR BRIDGEPLATE is dovetail style.

The SC4:DT CAMERA QR PLATE is slided onto the top of the SC4: MODULAR BRIDGEPLATE  for an SC4:MEDIUM/SC4:LARGE setup or straight onto the SC4:DT CLAMP SINGLE ROD 15MM and the SC4:DT HANDLES UNIT for an SC4:SMALL setup. This makes it super smooth to go from tripod/no rig to full shoulder setup -just keep the SC4:DT CAMERA QR PLATE attached to the camera at all times. The SC4:DT CAMERA QR PLATE suits all tripods that are compatible with the manfrotto 501PL and such.

If your camera only has one mounting hole, just use the supplied SC4:DSLR FIXATION PLATE. The plates anti skid rubbers together with adjustable stops creates an anti twist system to keep the camera from rotating on any quick release plate. It has 2x1/4” and 2x3/8” threaded holes for mounting of the quick release plate. Two holes at the back of the plate enables mounting of optional viewfinder frames and extra anti rotation bracket ( will be released soon).  

The lightweight, simple shoulder piece consists of a foam dressed SC:ROD S-SHAPED 15x400MM CC110. Depending on how you rotate the rod you can make vertical adjustments (chest to eye level) with as much as 22cm.  You can choose to keep the rod under your arm, leaning it on the shoulder or detach it completely from the support -it’s all a matter of taste and situation. Having the rig resting on your shoulder instead of pressing it towards your chest (as is the case with many run n' gun gunstock solutions) reduces arm fatigue and gives you a third stabilisation point that results in smooth movements and does wonders for reducement of shakiness and micro-shakes (micro-shakes gives that cellphone video gelly effect that you really don't want).

The SC:ROD S-SHAPED 15x400MM CC110 is connected to the bottom of the SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM by an SC4:DT CLAMP SINGLE ROD 15MM, this clamp can be positioned for both left- and right-hand shooting. The clamp simply slides onto the SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM (or straight on the SC4:DT CAMERA QR PLATE for an SC:SMALL setup)  and is secured with a knob.

The SC4:DT HANDLES UNIT consists of a dovetail dual 22mm rod clamp, two 22x130mm handle rods and two curved handles with rubber grip. It has a wide distance of 140mm from center to center of the handle rods giving you roll stability and comfortable arm positioning. The 22mm handle rods can be adjusted horizontally and rotated to always allow for a perfect position of the handles. You can also turn the handles straight up creating a v-rig for low down shooting. The SC4:DT HANDLES UNIT easily slides onto the SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM (or straight on the SC4:DT CAMERA QR PLATE for an SC:SMALL setup) and is firmly secured by a knob.

This rig is made from 7075 CNC-machined aluminium and weighs in at only 3,5lbs (1,6kg)



• Advanced run and gun style shoulder rig
• Belt driven follow focus system
• Allows for mounting of any 15mm compatible accessories
• Suits all DSLR- and camcorders.
• Modular and upgradeable to larger SC systems.
• Enables quick changes from tripod/no rig to shoulder setup.
• Can be assembled for left- and right-hand use.
• Foam dressed rod to lean on the shoulder.
• Anti twist system to prevent DSLR cameras from rotating.
• Sliding quick release plate (Manfrotto 501PL compatible).
• Lightweight, 3,5lbs (1,6kg)
• Aluminium 7075 construction for strength and durability.
• Ergonomic Design.


1 pcs  SC4:DUAL DT PLATE 150MM
2 pcs  SC:ROD 15 X 300MM
1 pcs  SC:ROD S-SHAPED 15x400MM CC110
 Lifetime warranty