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We are a small manufacturer of high quality rigs and accessories for professional use and we have first hand experience of the rigors and demands of a movie set. We make sure every single part live up to these demands.

Warranty statement

As most of us, we are only human. Should any part of a rig or an accessory not meet your demands or expectations please let us know and we’ll put our best man or woman on it right away. We will never leave you out in the cold with a broken Swedish Chameleon.
Our products are manufactured and meticulously assembled by hand in Sweden with pride!


Guffe Funck had his first EOS 5D (not MarkII) 1 year before he started hearing rumours about the Mark II. He then became totally obsessed with the idea of filming full HD with a full-size censor without having to sell everything he owned and live in the woods.

“The first commercial film project that I utilised the 5D Mark II in was a two day POV time lapse for ABSOLUT VODKA. To be able to pull that off I built a rig where the camera was positioned at head height and was also completely hands-free. Two days would also put a strain on my arms and back, so these factors were taken into consideration.”

The second project that Guffe was involved in was a new season of very popular children’s programs for Swedish public service. Of course he advocated the 5D mark II and it was on this series that Guffe used an early version of the SWEDISH CHAMELEON.

The SWEDISH CHAMELEON shoulder rigs are designed from scratch to suit DSLRs and BOX-Style camcorders with many ingenious solutions that make it a clear winner among shoulder rigs.


Guffe Funck

Creator, inventor, and dreamer, still living in the city.